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No. 20 Ole Miss at Georgia Tech (+16)

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What is the Point Spread? Also simply known as "the spread," this is the most popular way to wager on sporting events. For instance, if you have a parlay bet placed and the only thing left you need to happen in order to win is for the Knicks to beat the Lakers in a late-night game, you could place a single-game wager on the Lakers to ensure that you will win some money regardless of which way the game goes.

how to get paid from amazon pay

how to get paid from amazon pay

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With the rise in power of the internet came the rise in power of online betting. You can get free football tips for all matches in the major European leagues with Infogol.

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We only recommend products and companies we use and trust. Unsure whether Arsenal will topple Tottenham in the North London derby, but certain of a fiery encounter? Perhaps the Total Cards market is for you.

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